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We develop and manufacture simulators, approved by the German testing institute, for exhibition stands and virtual reality, 3D and event modules according to your specifications. Interaction always plays a major role. Please request further information from us. We welcome the chance to make you an offer without obligation. Interested parties and dealers should download our latest price list. We offer sales and after-sales support worldwide. Due to constant improvement and innovation, we reserve the right to vary the colors and finishing. Reproduction and distribution of our material is only permitted after our granting of explicit permission; also applicable to extracts and for electronic media.

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We produce simulation games like: Driving Simulation - Flying - Rollercoaster - Motion Ride - Customer related game - Team building games - Business games - Activity games - Training games - Party games - Casual games - Shooters

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expose for sale

Flying as a VIP - amazing moments

You can use the FLY SEATS for…
  • VIP seat for music and dance festivals
  • as a special attraction on cityfestivals
  • VIP seat in soccer stadion and cycle/sports events
  • for opening of new buildings and structures
  • VIP seat on race tracks (over looking the whole circuit
  • Street festivals

  • Technical specification
  • Approved by the German TάV
  • Size: Lenght 4 mtrs
  • Width: 2 mtrs.
  • Height: 2mtrs.
  • Weight: 500kg
  • Capacity: max 84 persons on hour
  • Height: depending on crane, the heigher the better
  • Power supply: 0 (only needed when in use at night you need 220 volts fort he led lightning)
14 Seat will advance to the sky

FLY SEATS – Easy to use, completeley safe, high turnover an hour and can be operated by only two staff members. Because of the heigh capacity you can earn your investment back in just a couple of months. The basic FLY SEAT is an aluminium contruction on wich 14 special seats are mounted. The first seven are in front, the second row is elevated. After the participants are strapped in the seat on 5 pooints by the operator (a special lock that can only be opened by the operator) the complete system will be lifted to a height of 50 mtrs. with a telecrane. On this height the view is overwhelming, with clear wheater you can look as far as 25km! But there is a special aspect to this system… there is no floor underneath your feet! You look down into the abyss! The FLY SEAT is designed for all kind of special events and because of the branding opportunities a very usefull tool for promotional events. This system can be up in 10 minutes with 2 operators and because of the exeptional light weight (500kg) and very easy to transport. It even fits in a fully closed can! At night the FLYSEAT is spectacular iluminated by led lighting. The equipment is new like the picture, never used, no maintenance necessary, no warranty but allways support, it also haze TUV nord certification!

expose for sale

Full Motion with Colin McRae Dirt 3...

  • new shuttle/pc and sound system
  • with with steering wheel and pedals
  • fully functional
  • Colin McRae DiRT 3
  • Optional with available software
X6 6 D.O.F Full Motion Hexapod Simulator

We are selling a fully functional RALLYE (6 D.O.F) 6-Axis Full Motion Simulator. A realistic Rallye Full Motion Simulator.

expose for sale

Full Motion & Formula 1 Racing Software...

  • And all the parts are high quality products and we do not use Chinese stuff in our simulators!
  • Made of high quality composite material
  • Only weight 225Kg and strong enough to carry more than 4 people
  • Original race car dimensions and details
  • Original carbon shock absorber and wheel connections
  • Carbon cockpit suitable for all sized of drivers
  • Six electrical actuators driven by high quality servo motors
  • 50 Cm Stroke 6Dof Motion Platform
  • Power: 380 VAC 16A 3phase power
  • Motion with sensitive positioning
  • Motion Speed 25 cm/Sec with adjustable acceleration/Declaration time
  • Linear movements: +/- 30cm Heaving, +/- 40cm Surging, +/- 40cm of Swaying
  • Angular movements: +/- 25 degrees of Pitching, +/- 30 degrees of Rolling +/- 45 degrees of Yawing
  • Modbus Interface by RS232 or Ethernet
  • Max Payload 600kg
  • All the nuts and bolts used in the mechanism are made of mildew resistant chrome material
  • Operation Temperature 0 ~ 55 C
  • Easy to transport with manual wheels
  • One year guarantee for all the parts
  • All the above mentioned parts are CE Certified
  • We believe in simulation concept so we keen on working on our simulation program to let you experience what you should in driving real F1 cars
  • Power: three phase power with 6kW capacity as an average power consumption
  • 100% made of metal force feedback steering system with Ferrari Thrustmaster steering wheel
V-3 6Dof full motion Hexapod F1 car Simulator

We are selling a fully functional FORMULA 1 (6 D.O.F) 6-Axis Full Motion Simulator. The vehicle has been serviced and completely repainted. A realistic F1 Full Motion Simulator. Feel the motor vibration, car acceleration, braking, turning, tires suspensions and even car hit. Thanks to our programmers and our real pilots for spending long time developing the most realistic driving feeling according to European standards. Our attractive external design can give you the advantage on your competitors and would let everyone wants to ride. Feel the real cockpit and internal look with the 1/1 dimension of real F1 cars.

  • 100% made of metal with real stiffness professional pedals
  • Pedals position is calibratable by a button in the cockpit to fit all people
  • Three 32” 3D TVs to put you in side the game
  • High quality 5.1 sound system to hear the opponent cars near and behind you
  • Emergency Stop button for safe riding and operation
  • Operation timer and counter
  • For in door and out door
  • Easy installation less than one hour
  • All the above mentioned parts are CE Certified
  • PC Software: R-Faktor 1 & 2
  • possibilities, new software can be used: When there is new updates on the software our engineers do the update. if you want to us some other software on the platform we can give you the specifications of the motion platform so that you can use it in the system
  • Dimension: LxWxH - 5m x 2m x 2.70m
  • Total weight is approx. 600 kg
  • 230Volt/16Ampere
  • how old: It is used maximum for 100 hours for the event
  • guarantee: It is 1 year guarantee starting from your purchase date

expose for sale

3D car racing simulator in real 3D! Incredible and real effects in high-resolution 3D display with full depth effect. This revolutionary technique in the use of Mitsubishi 3D DLP HDTV Allows combination with 3d pc, game console and the 3D LCD glasses.

  • 3D Car Racing Simulator Absolute driving pleasure in 3D!
  • Realistic 3D simulation - software can be branded
  • The car racing simulator is a true attraction and offers an exceptional 3D experience, which your program at trade shows or events will be even more impressive and diverse.
  • Convince yourself of this milestone in the history of PC and console gaming!
  • Experience it for yourself
  • Absolute Fun factor guaranteed
  • You will not regret it!
Convince yourself of this milestone in the history of PC and console gaming! The car racing simulator is a true attraction and offers an exceptional 3D experience, which your program at trade shows or events will be even more impressive and diverse. Players using only slight 3D LCD glasses.

The simulator scores here with a real rally-seat and a leather steering wheel, gear lever and metal pedals. By 65 "/ 165cm 3D screen one experiences pure spine-tingling feeling, like sitting in the cockpit yourself and pulls past its competitors. The entire technology is very easy to set up. To operate a caregiver staff is needed, which explains the use and spread the 3D glasses for the players and the spectators and collect again.

There can be several simulators combine easily, allowing multiple players can compete against each other. A personal touch gained the whole by integrating their own logos. So you can decorate banners and vehicles with your company logo.

expose for sale

EVENT CREATIONS - Event furniture pieces, no mass products but individual creations according to customer requirements. We can also offer already built products for leisure and business needs and sale them for events and permanent installations in bars, hotels and clubs. You may choose the desired colours and dimensions. Optimized chairs and interactive bars for your needs can also be produced. For an individual solution you can simply send us a scanned hand drawing on .pdf or .jpg file format with some key phrases via e-mail. We like to plan the event furnitures according to the structural conditions. Planning and visualization is completely free of charge!
for trade fairs & events
leisure bars, hotel & club
party & dancefloor

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